Thursday, January 17, 2008

Alex O'Loughlin talks with Kristin from E! on the red carpet

Kristin Dos Santos included an old video from her red carpet interview with Alex O'Loughlin in the article I posted previously. It is from all the meet & greet stuff he did promoting Moonlight before it debuted on CBS. As I said in my post earlier, I remember the clip well. Alex is charming, as usual. He is so light hearted and fun.... who can resist him?

Here is the video, just for you :)

A few of my favorite moments from it ~

Alex being excited & pointing out that other celebrities are present, like Drew Carey.

Alex : "I'm playing a guy called Mick St John who has been given... he's been given the gift slash curse of immortality. He is a Vampire, but he's pretty reluctant. It's not something he wanted. It's an interesting struggle."

Kristin : "Why are all Vampires normally good looking?"
Alex : "Have you seen Nosferatu?" hahahaha.... I was thinking the same thing when she asked. Nosferatu is definitely not a handsome, debonair vamp. See what I mean...

Nosferatu is a good movie tho. The film from 1929, that is. Alex knows his Vampyre history. Plus, I just like hearing how he says "Nosferatu." ;>

This exchange made me laugh out loud. Alex's reasons for why there are no Aussie vamps ~

Kristen : "Do I detect a little bit of an accent?"

Alex : "I'm an Aussie."
Kristen : "There are no vampires in Australia. We've never seen that before."
Alex : "Australians don't have the constitution for Vampirism... We're too nice. We're too relaxed to kill people daily."
Kristen : "Too much work... too much effort really to go and bite someone's neck."
Alex : "It's like, what am I gonna do? I have to hunt, stalk someone down... kill them... drink their blood... get rid of the carcass... go surfing."

No other star puts more gorgeous smiles and laughter into even short interviews like Alex O'Loughlin!


GreatGrams said...

Hey Kandyegirl .. I've tried 3 or 4 times to access this video but E's site says it no longer exists. Just wondering if there's somewhere else I might be able to view it? Love hearing Alex O'Loughlin talk, especially when he's using his normal Aussie accent.

Also, just wanted to say that I really love your site! I am absolutely amazed at the great pics, videos and episode info you come up with and share with the rest of us. Fantastic job!! I've suggested to the meager few who read my blog that they check this one out also.

Thank you for being soooo dedicated!


Moonlight said...

Hi GreatGrams ~

Not sure why E's site didn't work for you. I've viewed Alex's interview several times, and just tested it again. Works fine for me.

I'd like to check out your blog. :) Email me a link, if you like....

XO ~

My Moonlight Fan Blog

Tina said...

HEY! Alex and Kristin said that Moonlight GOT PICKED UP!! How did you miss that?!


Brissiemum2 said...

Great interview!

I personally think that there is too much sun here in Australia for vampires! ;)