Wednesday, January 2, 2008

CBS includes Moonlight in its See List video for this week

CBS released its See List video for this week. The only shows included are... Drew Carey's The Power of Ten, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs and Moonlight! Does that mean they don't consider anything else they are airing this week to be must see tv?!? *grin* I'm just happy that a promo for the next episode ~ Dr Feelgood (#1x03) ~ is in the video. When her robotic co-host says that Jennifer Love Hewitt heats up his dual processors "hubba hubba," Briana Lane replies that Alex O'Loughlin makes her feel the same way. Yep.... I think the folks at CBS definitely understand what a draw they have on their hands in our Alex. :)

Thanks to TexasBlondie for making sure I knew about this video!

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wondergirl9847 said...

WOAH! That scene where the rogue bites that gal on the neck was NOT in the show! Right? LOL I can't wait to see that one again tomorrow night.

YAY for more promotion for the show!