Friday, January 4, 2008

Let's talk about Alex O'Loughlin's lovely tattoos!

Kris De Leon, from BuddyTV, has written another great article about Alex O'Loughlin and Moonlight! They are so supportive of our show. Love that!

This time, the piece is about his lovely body art. I don't know why Alex is forced to cover up his tattoos for the show. After all, Coraline is allowed to have her Fleur De Lis tattoo/brand. Kris mentions a slip up where one of Alex's tats was visible on the show. I have noticed glimpses of his forearm tattoos from time to time. Of course, I like those little forbidden slips. *wink*

We have discussed Alex's six sexy, beautiful tattoos previously. As you know, I have quite a collection of photos. I guess I will have to share a few to go along with Kris' new article. Darn! Ooooo.... and to answer a common question.... the ornate cross artwork (on Alex's upper back in Feed) and the bluebird tat (on his neck in The Invisible) are fake.

While Wentworth Miller has to put on fake tattoos for his role on FOX's Prison Break, Alex O'Loughlin has to cover up his body art whenever he takes his shirt off on CBS' Moonlight.

He is reportedly inked on each forearm, on each shoulder, over his right nipple and one on his lower back, though he also occasionally puts on cosmetic tattoos when his role calls for it just like in the movie The Invisible where he had a bluebird on his neck.

O'Loughlin obviously has to conceal some of his body art as he portrays detective Mick St. John on Moonlight given his vampire nature. However, there was a bit of a slip-up during the episode “The Ringer” in which the back of his shirt flew up and cameras got a glimpse of his lower back tattoo.

Meanwhile, meticulously covering up his tattoos is just one of the things O'Loughlin has to endure on the supernatural series. He also has to wear special fangs and creepy lenses, and go through long days of shooting just to deliver a good show. Nevertheless, his efforts, along with the cast and crew's hard work, prove to be rewarding as the series is now in a very promising spot and continues to thrive in the ratings. So far, Moonlight has placed first in adults 25-54 for the ninth time in ten broadcasts and first in adults 18-49 the eighth time in ten broadcasts.


Anonymous said...

Lovely? Yikes. I'd much rather see his lovely skin without the garish adornments. I'm glad the show covers these up so they don't distract from his handsome features.

Jeepluvr99 said...

I find tattoos on the forearms VERY sexy. Don't know why? But, as steamy sexy as Alex is, I ask why he has such a splendid tattoo on his lower back? Why there? On women it's considered a "tramp stamp." So I ask again, why a "tat" there? Either way, I can't keep my eyes off his spectacular abs and that V-shaped muscle that leads one's eyes to his ... uuuhhhhmmm ... parts! Love MOONLIGHT, and loved him in The Back-up Plan. Love the know, I think I just love the WHOLE PACKAGE!