Saturday, January 12, 2008

Love Lasts Forever (#1x11) Full episode available on

CBS has already posted Love Lasts Forever (episode #1x11) on the official Moonlight website. We can watch this fantastic episode again online right now!


Anonymous said...

Yup. Seen it twice already (1 live, 1 TIVO) and now I am downloading it from Amazon so I can watch it on my laptop. As soon as it appears on iTunes, it will be on my iPod as well. Guess I am well and truly addicted, huh?

I would love to know what people thought about LLF? Kandye - I saw your recap and agreed with all of it, I had also noticed that Beth seemed a little distanced during the love scene. Almost as if she was thinking "normal -v- not-normal" and trying to force herself back into the life she thought she was going to have before she met Mick. That said, she obviously loved Josh and who can blame her? If it weren't for Mick, we would all have warmed to him more I suppose *g*

I loved that Mick was a Medic - great insight.

His revenge at the bar... wonderful and were we seeing the way he used to be before he reformed himself (the "monster" references he is always making)? Except of course this time it was understandable, justifiable and well.... really cool.

I loved the "slow burn" transformation in the interview room with the crook. This is the first time we have seen Mick "bring the vampire" himself, instead of it coming on as a reaction to danger or injury etc (4 F's).

Oy my - working out. Well Kandye said it all. I can imagine all of us Mick girls replaying THAT over and over! Interesting though... Vampires want to keep fit and strong (fitter and stronger) - it doesn't just come with the territory.

LOTS and lots to think about in this episode. Can't wait for next week.

Lets hope this isn't the last of this series.

Thanks Kandye, as always, for this blogspot. I love it.

Ivette said...

I'm having trouble on my laptop. I can't see the episode on I also missed the entire episode except for the last 10 minutes and I am SO ANGRY THAT I MISSED THIS EPISODE! So do you think that you could find a way to get the full episode on here so I can see it please. I would be so happy.

Moonlight said...

Hi Ivette ~

I hate it when technology acts up! ha! Lucky for you, someone has already begun uploading Love Lasts Forever to YouTube. They accidentally labeled it as episode #12, instead of #11. So far, parts 1 & 2 are up. Here is a link to the first one for you....

You are gonna love how this episode begins *grin*

For anyone interested, all of Moonlight's other episodes are available on YouTube also. :)

XO ~

Ivette said...

Thanks for the link. I am so glad that I at least saw the beginning of the show. I'll keep going back until they have the entire episode. Thank you so much. I LOVE MOONLIGHT!