Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mick St John's Fleur De Lis Necklace

"What does Mick St John's necklace look like?" has been the topic of conversation on many message boards. My girls asked me for a close up photo of it. :) In the picture above, one image is from Mick being staked in Monlight's recently aired Dr. Feelgood episode (#1x03). The other image is from him kneeling next to Coraline when she was staked in The Ringer (#1x07). The staking theme was not planned. *grin*

As you can see, he has worn more than one necklace in the show. Each design uses an interlocking Fleur De Lis motif. That is a reference to Mick's French Vampire bloodline. I collect Fleur De Lis', so I noticed Mick's jewelry right away. Since then, I have wondered if Coraline gave him the necklace... especially after we saw her tattoo.


The Rural Wife said...

The necklaces are so similar that I wonder if it's actually the same necklace, just that the one of him when staked, was just the back side of the Fleur de Lis?

Rappleyea said...

Hi! I only discovered Moonlight a couple of weeks ago when they started the re-runs, and am completely and utterly addicted. I just found your site tonight in an effort to feed that addiction! Great site and you do a fantastic job.

Mick's necklace - a cross formed by four fleur de lis - is called a fleury.

Thanks for this site!

Rachelle said...

I think it's the same pendant. In the shot of Mick being staked, it looks like the pendant is flipped upside down, and we're seeing the back side.

I hope the writers will get the chance to explain the history of his necklace and his ring. I am really curious ;)

Anonymous said...

this is absolutely, 100% NOT the same fleur de lis in both photos-frontside, backside- whatever, clearly these are 2 different pieces of jewelry..... can't wait for a new episode!

Anonymous said...

If you look hard at the shape - it definitely is the same necklace. The "staked Mick" is just the necklace lying front-side down. The back - as is normal for a design like this - is flat. The same shape is clearly visible in both shots tho. I believe if you look carefully when he is lying on the ground in the fight with Lola you can see the same effect.

I have lots of (yes - I admit it - LOTS!) of stills of Mick and the necklace appears in almost all of them. There are a couple of shots where he does not apper to be wearing it in the earlier episodes and as far as I can see he doesn't wear it when sleeping in his freezer.

I like the idea that he got it from Coraline... but I can't see it in the early fight scene where he rescues Beth. Maybe he got it in remembrance after Coraline was "killed"... Mick's heart would definitely allow that to be the case - along with the "burden" of Coraline he carried for so long.

I have been curious about it for a while and thought it might be a Celtic cross, now we see it clearly it is 4 fleur de Lis. Interesting. I wonder if they will go anywhere with that? Also it looks like silver, but (like the ring - referred to in "B.C.") I guess it can't be and must be gold. *g*.

Thanks as usual Kandye for the site and keeping up all the good info. I visit regularly for my Moonlight and Mick fix - and for the good information you provide.

And to rappleyea... know what you mean. That's exactly what happened to me. Great show... isn't it!!!

Anonymous said...

I have just found a seller on E-bay selling the exact ring and pendant! I LOVE IT!