Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Moonlight mentioned in E! Online's Watch with Kristin article

Moonlight got a mention in Kristin Dos Santos' column, Watch with Kristin, on the E! Online website. In her opinion, Love Lasts Forever (#1x11) is the best episode since Fever (#1x04)!

Angi in Chowchilla, California :
Moonlight got some love on your TV Throwdown. So, how about showing the Moonlight fans some love by some ever-needed scoop?

Kristin :
I'm all caught up now, and I can tell you the ep airing Friday, Jan. 11, is the best since the one in the desert. It's an adrenaline roller coaster. No Josef or Coraline, sadly, but lots of heavy stuff between Mick and Beth—including Mick contemplating his "mortal feelings" for her. Also, shirtless Mick. For that reason and several others, it's worth tuning in.



The Rural Wife said...

OMG! I can't wait until Friday!! The next ep looked so good in the promos and now someone who's seen it says its the best one?

Come on Friday!
It's at 8 this week, right?

Thanks again for your informative blog!

TexasBlondie said...

Woo Hoo!! Greetings from Chicago Kandye! I will be watching the people's choice awards tonight!!! Moonlight ... vampire solidarity rand all that - rah rah rah!

Moonlight said...

Enjoy Chicago, TexasBlondie! It is one of my favorite cities. We went there to celebrate my bday. Lake Michigan, Art Institute, pizza... Sooooo much fun! I hope you have a wonderful & SAFE trip.

XO ~