Friday, January 18, 2008

Spoiler ~ Recap of Moonlight's The Mortal Cure ~ Episode #1x12

Recap of Moonlight's episode tonight ~ The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12)

NO!!!!! It can't be over this fast. I think that every week..... but..... especially this week. :(

I wrote so many spoilers this week, my recap is pretty much done already. Ha! I definitely need to watch the show again. How do they pack every episode so full?!? I can not think of any other tv series we watch that makes me feel like I got my money's worth as Moonlight does.


Did you notice that the script was completely changed as to the identity of Celeste?! Now, she was the jewelry helping Josh with Beth's ring. Hmmmmm.... I wonder if they decided the episode had enough emotional drama, or just not to go down that road period. Our show dramatic enough already?! No way! *wink* Several have speculated that they wanted to use the storyline in future episodes & that it may pop back up. I'm on board with whatever they do as long as it means there are more seasons & episodes! :)

Side note ~ did anyone else think that was pretty personal service? My jeweler doesn't meet me for dinner.

Mick still tries to reach out to Beth. He is so sweet. I know she is grieving and feeling guilty because of her emotional affair with Mick, but I hated how cold she was to his attempt. "You did everything humanly possible."

Laughed when Coraline's friend, Cynthia, and Mick are sniffing each other through the hotel room door.

Josef is back ~ and he forgot his shirt! YEA! Mmmmmm.... All the boys on Moonlight are so hunky. Josef was just trying to help Mick relieve some stress by offering him a willing freshie massage. :>

Beth finally comes to Mick. How tender did he sound when he said "Come here" to her. As usual, Alex conveys so much with just two words, his expression and body language.

She doesn't know what her answer would have been to Josh asking her to marry him. Accepting that may have been what allowed her to seek out Mick.

Mick wants to be human so badly. The look of hope & excitement on his face when Coraline gives him the "cure." We knew he hated being a vamp, but that look really brought it home. Human again, if only for a brief time, after 55 years. Can't even imagine!

Jason Butler Harner was scary good as Lance. I wouldn't want to be on his bad side!

Lance's hand immediately healed when burned. As I wrote previously, I think we now know how Coraline survived the fire.

Coraline turned Mick without permission and then stole the "cure" for him ~ both brought on the family wrath. Lance is so invincible & he is the errand boy for whoever he's taking her to ~ yikes! I would not want to be Coraline. She surrendered to this scary fate in exchange for Lance not killing Mick.

While watching this, I wondered if a future episode might revolve around Mick trying to rescue Coraline.

Coraline surrendered to save Mick's life.

Mick pigging out was priceless! Exactly what I would do in his place :) FOOD!

Why is Beth wearing Josh's engagement ring? Hopefully, it was just a sign of respect. If I were her, I would return it to his family since it was his grandmother's ring.

"Are you human?" Even with the pain, it feels amazing to Mick.

Mick tells Beth Coraline is gone ~ that it is over ~ and was never meant to be. Beth says she knows what he means. Yet....


TexasBlondie said...


Oh my am I sad! I cannot believe that this show is done and over with already.

Just a couple thoughts of my own. I kind of wished there hadn't been any Beth in this episode....(ok - no one hit me or anything) I really wished this had been more Mick and Coraline centered. I am thristy for more of their history.

Interesting that Lance told Mick - welcome to the family and scolded Coraline for bringing Mick into the bloodline - interesting stuff there.

Well, I will just have to watch and re-watch mt ipod episodes....

Thanks for all the spoilers and such on the episode... :) Awesome as usual Kandye!

VampireSyd said...

heres my two cents:

since coraline is from that bloodline, that was the reason she didn't die in the fire mick set! & it also means mick cant be burned alive!! yay!! :) but i thought that was very interesting

the whole funeral at the end where mick and beth were looking at each other was intense! & the priest with his whole "we take advantage of the time we have" (or however it was worded) i was so getting my hopes up that beth would realize she needed to take advantage of micks mortality, though it is hard with josh having just died. i cant imagine that guilt

alex was amazing! when he said "come here" to beth, gosh i wish that was me he was saying it to! but all his enjoying being human scenes and his scenes with beth...okay, pretty much every scene he did, was so heartfelt and genuine. amazing job! :)

i almost screamed when it ended! i cant believe how fast it flew by! :'( i think im going into severe moonlight withdrawal already!

thanks kandye!! your recap and everything was awesome! keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite things from this episode... Mick's look when he tells Beth he will see her later. Heartbreaking. His look of impatience when Logan doesn't answer the door and then later his look of disgust at the mess. "Medieval Vampires" - cool! How brave Mick was when, even as a human he tried to fight vamps he knew he couldn't defeat. The way he staked the servant vamp. Shows even as a human he was a pretty resourceful guy. Also - did you notice he never took his eyes off Coraline and what was happening to her the whole time? The tear that appeared as he lay injured and watched Coraline being staked. The food scene... obviously he wasn't feeling like eating - too much food and who would want to eat all bashed up like that? - but he didn't want to risk turning back before he got the chance to EAT ;o) and of course the final scene at the funeral... who does final scenes like Mick & Beth? Beth looks at the ring as she tells him she understands what he means - because she realizes she loved Josh but THAT wasn't meant to be? The final look as the priest talks about making the most of the time we have. IF (I am sure it won't be) but IF this was the last one, you can imagine that after the funeral Mick may have to make the most of the time he has to finally get together with Beth, even if once is all they can have. If it comes back (PLEASE!!!) there is a lot of stuff here to work with to make next season as terrific as this one.

Wonderful work Kandye, as always. You and your site will keep me going through the "drought".

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just thought of something. I have always had a suspicion that Coraline might be Josef's sire as well. If that "ancient & noble" bloodline makes them impervious to fire... could that be how Josef survived the firebombing of his office in "sleeping beauty"? Perhaps the sleeping lost love isn't the only secret he is keeping from Mick!

Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

Taminator said...

I want to thank you for your wonderful blog! I love reading the posts and it's great to be connected to others who love this show as much as I do. Please keep it up! And thanks so much for all the gorgeous pics of AOL! I've linked it to my blog to help spread the word.

Anonymous said...

The "cure" is real mortality in microcosm. Mick is human, but doesn't know how long he has, it could end any minute and (no matter how long he has) it will be too short. Only AOL could put this whole concept into a few short facial expressions... when he looks at his blood in the vial, when he looks in the mirror in the morning, when he looks up at the sunlight and, of course, when he looks at Beth.

Boy, is this show GOOD.

As is the site, Kandye - always great content. Thanks!

Deborah said...

Like all the other MOONLIGHT episodes, this one was a memorable one, too. I watched it on CBS.Com six times already!

I felt bad for Mick when he tried to reach out to Beth without success again at the beginning scene. There was sadness on his face when he told Beth "I'll see you later""

I was happy to see Beth finally came around to seek out Mick. After he "smelled" & realized it was Beth
waiting for him, he had a slight smile on! Did anyone notice that Mick looked like he extended his hand out to Beth when he said "come here" to her & she in turn looked like reached out to his hand? I watched this part several times & I am positive I am right. Too bad, this director didn't "shoot" down a bit to show their hands touching. What a tender moment when Mick/Beth were talking on the sofa. Mick couldn't stop looking at Beth!

MOONLIGHT always have the best final scenes. I am glad that Mick told Beth that Coraline was gone & that they were never meant to be together. At the end of the funeral scene, the look they gave each other was priceless! I hope that the future episodes will allow Mick/Beth to make the most of their time together while Mick is human.

I hope the writers' strike will be over soon, so that we can have more new episodes of MOONLIGHT.

Thanks, Kandye, for all your up-to-date info on MOONLIGHT. Great job as always.