Friday, January 4, 2008

Recap of tonight's episode ~ Dr. Feelgood (#1x03)

Spoiler Alert.... This is a recap for tonight's rerun of Moonlight's Dr. Feelgood episode (#1x03).

I adore this photo of Mick and his cool car. How would you like to glance up and see that waiting for you?!?

We learned several things in Dr. Feelgood. Moonlight vamps can eat, but the food just has no taste. In order to be turned, you must be drained to the point of death & then feed your sire's blood. If the sire does not teach the fledgling what it means to be a vamp, things can go horribly wrong. The first thing a newly turned vamp needs is to feed. There are several hundred Vampyres in Los Angeles. However, they do not have a clubhouse. *grin*

When Beth is researching Vampyres online, Josh appears with a little midnight snack. So thoughtful. Back to that vamp lore on Beth's huge computer screen.... Josh obviously notices what she is researching. Beth's new interest in blood drinkers just happens to coincide with meeting Mick. Josh is an intelligent guy. His DA instincts will kick in & you know he will investigate the man who has taken Beth's attention from him.

I know that some people have speculated as to whether or not Mick knew Coraline was a Vampire before she turned him. He makes it quite clear that he had no idea.

Again the plot parallels Mick's life. The loneliness of Gerald Stovsky, our rocket scientist vamp. The doctor being turned against his will.

Laughed out loud at Mick's annoyance with Guillermo sending him so many text messages.

I like the cleaner and hope we see more of her. Mick has never needed her services, which means he was discreet even back in his wild days.

Mick is so afraid that Beth will see him as a monster. Since he thinks of himself that way, he can't imagine that she does not.

"And stay in the car means?" hehehehe.....

We got another patented Mick "ouch." That always makes me chuckle.

What a heart Mick has.... He tried to reason with the rogue to get him to reconnect with his humanity. That didn't work.

They sedate their patients with some heavy duty meds cuz that lady slept through Dr. Jeff sitting on her bed, chatting and then fighting with Mick! ha!

Mick went to Beth to tell her how he became a Vampire. He chose to put his trust in her. And, he reached out to her this time... placing his hand over hers in the doorway. Great final scene, again!

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