Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SPOILER ~ Promo photos (set #1) for Moonlight's next episode ~ The Mortal Cure #1x12


These promo photos are from Moonlight's next episode ~ The Mortal Cure (#1x12). Mick and Coraline in Vampire mode. In Sleeping Beauty (episode #1x10), Coraline disappeared from the hospital ~ with the help of an old friend ~ leaving Mick to wonder how she became human again.... and if he would ever find out. They are reunited in The Mortal Cure. From the title of this episode, you have probably guessed that she shares her secret with him ~ the temporary cure, which is linked to the French Revolution. The French royal family were all Vampires. During the Reign of Terror, they used the cure to pass as human & avoid being killed. Mick will see what it means to be human again. No vamp abilities to help him in difficult situations.

There will be tremendous fights with an old, powerful Vampyre.... unlike any Mick
has encountered in previous episodes. The script says "We haven't seen Mick get his ass kicked like this before." :( The vamp turns out to be Coraline's brother. He has been tracking her. The result of the final fight scene reveals more about Mick and Coraline's feelings for each other.


Deborah said...

Thanks for a bit of the spoiler of "Mortal Cure". Please tell me what did you mean about the final fight scene will reveal more about how Mick & Coraline feel about each other? I am getting worried now that Mick & Coraline might get back with each other again!

I do hope that Mick still LOVES Beth even though she is still angry at him, and that Mick only have CARING feeling for Coraline because she was his ex-wife.

I can't wait to see Ep. 12. Too bad it will be the last original episode. I hope the writers' strike will end soon. I will definitely watch all the re-runs of MOONLIGHT. Love this show.

Kandye, thanks again for all your updates. Love your site. Keep up the good work.

TexasBlondie said...

Is it me...or are Coraline's fangs in a different place the Mick's or Josef's?

Francesca said...

Yes me too i want to know what that means about showing feelings for each other?