Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Spoiler Video ~ Scene from Moonlight's Next Episode Love Lasts Forever (#1x11)


In Sleeping Beauty (#1x10), Mick took a sample of Coraline's blood before she disappeared from the hospital. This sneak peek video shows a scene from this week's new Moonlight episode ~ Love Lasts Forever (#1x11). Coraline's blood has been analyzed. In this preview scene, Mick and Beth get the results. He is upset by the lab tech's news. Poor Mick! He wants the cure so badly. They do discover that Beth and Coraline share the same blood type, AO -. "An unwanted blood connection." We knew that was gonna happen.

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Senora S. said...

there's a blood connection between Coraline and Beth?
PS thanks for the awesome clip!