Friday, January 18, 2008

Spoiler Videos ~ Three new sneak peek scenes from The Mortal Cure ~ Episode #1x12

Major Spoiler Alert!

We love Moonlight Friday :) TV Guide has three new sneak peek videos of scenes from The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12). Loaded with spoilers, so beware!

Video #1 ~ Josef is back... and shirtless! He is getting a freshie massage when Mick arrives looking for assistance. Josef advises him to "let the old vamps duke this out." We know that is not gonna happen. Again, the subject of Lance catching on fire and immediately regenerating comes up. As I said before, that may be how Coraline was able to survive the fire Mick set.

Video #2 ~ Mick and Coraline in his apartment ~ Beth has obviously just left. Coraline says "I think Beth is starting to like me. She didn't stab me this time." hahaha! They discuss Mick saving her from Lance AND him burning her alive. Coraline tells Mick she needs to get out of town. Then, she asks him to come with her. He is not leaving! Mick tries to get the cure info. Ooooo.... I also laughed at the way Alex says his line "you ate food!"

Video #3 ~ Coraline & Mick are still in his loft. She offers him the temporary "cure" which he accepts. Mick is so excited. He asks if there is more & if Coraline can restart her research. An important exchange.....

Mick ~ You once told me you were giving me the greatest gift by turning me"
Coraline ~ "That was a long time ago, Mick"
Mick ~ "Yea, but what's happened? Why this sudden interest in becoming mortal?"
Coraline ~ "I wanted to feel life again. And, maybe love can't exist without mortality."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these...

I saw them earlier in the day, and haven't been able to stop thinking about it!

Only a few more hours left...and then the drought...sigh.

Gelis said...

I wonder if Coraline hopes to rekindle Mick's love for her by both of them becoming human. Sounds like she hasn't quite given up on him. (He doesn't look like he's having any of it, though!) Since this is the last episode *sob* for a time, I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Again, thanks for keeping us updated with your great website!