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The TV Addict Interviews Sophia Myles

The TV Addict has a great interview with Sophia Myles. A few of the questions are familiar, but it is still nice to see more reporters talking to her. Sophia does not like the thought of Moonlight ending with that final scene at Josh's funeral any more than we do ~ "I’ve just seen the last scene, and things are left totally open-ended and utterly unsatisfactory. As soon as the Strike lifts, I’ll be knocking on CBS’s door. I won’t be satisfied until we come back." Good for you, Sophia! I like her feisty nature :)

After numerous re-casts, re-shoots and behind-the-scenes drama, actress Sophia Myles is as surprised as anyone that MOONLIGHT has done so well. Yet six months and one People’s Choice Award later, here she is. Kind enough to take some time out of her, well, not so busy schedule [courtesy of the Writer’s Guild of America Strike] to talk to a group of reporters via conference call about MOONLIGHT’S jaw-dropping season finale airing [January 18th, 2008] at 9PM on CBS (CTV in Canada).

The TV Addict : So honestly, after such an inauspicious start, are you surprised things have turned out so well for MOONLIGHT?

Sohia Myles : It’s definitely strange that MOONLIGHT has become such a force. I had no idea, coming over from here [from England], making the show, that it would have any life. But it’s become this organic thing that refuses to die. It seems to be getting stronger and stronger and more powerful with each episode.

Q : How was it you were cast in MOONLIGHT?

Sophia Myles : I was written a letter from the producers [Joel Silver] basicially asking me to come and do the part. At first I didn’t think it was legitimate, I couldn’t believe I’d be offered something so magical without an audition. But they already made the pilot and I was so intrigued to be in Los Angeles; being paid to do a fabulous job at Warner Bros. I couldn’t say no.

Q : What attracted you to the role of Beth?

Sophia Myles : With any part I ask: Do I want to go on the adventure? To that world? Am I interested in the journey? Can I bring something to the role that’s going to make it better than what’s on the page? What’s my part in this? I like playing strong woman and it’s hard to find really good roles for woman. Really well written females that aren’t just sex objects.

Q : Having guest-starred on an episode of DR. WHO as well, are you a fan of genre television?

Sophia Myles : Horror freaks me out. Vampires I can take them or leave them. But I like science fiction and the idea that there are other planets.

Q : As an actor, how do you get into character?

Sophia Myles : I am the most non-method person you will ever meet. I kind of figure it out as I go along. The incredible costume designer, hairstylist, makeup artists and set designers really help me out as well. You can tell a lot about a character by their apartment.

Q : Talk about your tremendous chemistry with co-star Alex O’Loughlin. Can you predict something like that?

Sophia Myles : It’s absolutely luck and the most wonderful thing. It’s the gift you wish for as a producer. If there was a formula for chemistry, every show would be a it show. But all I know, is that in twelve years of working, I’ve had a lot of co-stars and some people you click with, some people you don’t. We just happen to be really lucky, a fantastic due, we make each other better. It’s like playing a really good game of tennis, we raise each other’s game.

Q : And off the camera?

Sophia Myles : Our relationship out of character is based on humor. We laugh our asses of. If you were to film us off set, it would make a funnier and better show than MOONLIGHT. [Editor’s note: Here’s hoping the off-the-set antics are included as DVD Bonus material]

It must make for a very fun set?

Sophia Myles : Our set is like a family. We have our good days and our bad. When it’s good, it’s amazing. We have such talented people working on the board. Everyone’s so clever, so creative.

The TV Addict : Were you surprised that the writer’s killed Josh so soon into the show’s run?

Sophia Myles : After Mick and Beth kissed, I kept saying, come on guys, she’s got to morally be a good girl, be honest and end it with Josh. So when it finally ended, well — I felt it was a little extreme killing the poor guy — but I’m relieved in the sense that the dilemma is gone from her life. It also makes the Mick and Beth relationship that much more exciting and deep.

The TV Addict : Does [the] finale wrap things up nicely? Or will fans be left with hanging until MOONLIGHT returns?

Sophia Myles : I’ve just seen the last scene, and things are left totally open-ended and utterly unsatisfactory. As soon as the Strike lifts, I’ll be knocking on CBS’s door. I won’t be satisfied until we come back.

Q : What’s in store for season 2?

Sophia Myles : I won’t know until the strike is over. There are no new scripts.

The TV Addict : Between yourself, TERMINATOR’S Lena Headey, UGLY BETTY’s Ashley Jensen and Michelle Ryan’s BIONIC WOMAN, the British are quietly taking over Hollywood. What do you attribute the recent British invasion to?

Sophia Myles : Really there is no work in England, it’s rubbish! I’ve known Anna Friel [PUSHING DAISIES] for a while and since we’re the same age, we’ve kept up via telephone. We leave each-other Meltdown Messages, “You’ll never believe what they made me do today!”

Q : Can you elaborate on the differences between working in the US versus the UK?

Sophia Myles : One thing is the hours. They really work you hard. Six days a week, sixteen hours a day on a tough day. You’re working pretty much all the time. In England there’s a lot of sitting around, drinking cups of tea and waiting. In America it’s go-go-go!

Q : Like your character Beth, you’ve been thrust into a pretty scary situation. New job, new country Personally what’s your biggest fear?

Sophia Myles : The ocean scares me, white sandy bottoms are okay, but when it gets too deep and murky it feels like a swimming pool with sharks. Human beings also scare me a lot more than vampires!

Q : Human beings with cameras perhaps! Have you encountered the Hollywood Paparazzi?

Sophia Myles : I think it’s absolutely fascinating. But I’m not part of that scene and never want to be. No one that is being followed by the paparazzi have not started it. It just doesn’t happen. It’s a two-sided relationship. It’s very easy to stay well clear if you don’t open your mouth. If I talk to the press, I’m talking about my work. I’m not talking about what I did on a Friday night.

It’s sad when young girls aren’t protected by their families or don’t have close adult confidents. It’s a very scary beast. Poor old Britney, it’s a whole new thing. A horde of men with cameras following around a young mother. That didn’t happen even five years ago.

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