Monday, January 14, 2008

TV Guide's Matt Roush answers Fridayfan's questions about Moonlight being renewed!

My awesome pal, Fridayfan, asked TV Guide's reviewer/critic Matt Roush questions we are all dying to know the answer to, especially..... When will CBS announce whether or not Moonlight has been picked up for a second season?!??! He included her great query in his Ask Matt column. Of course, I like his answer :)

Question :

Moonlight has now won the People's Choice Award for favorite new drama, with more than 10 million votes. It also has won its Friday time slot on a regular basis. In light of all this, CBS still has made no official announcement about the future of the series. When can we expect to hear whether it will be back? I know this is not a normal season. Does the strike need to end first for major decisions to be made? If I am not mistaken, not very many new shows were officially picked up on any network — Linda, Omaha, NE

Matt Roush :

As I've noted before, full-season pickups of the new fall shows are largely symbolic at this point, and that may be why CBS has yet to make an official announcement regarding Moonlight. I really can't say. But the show is doing well enough and is generating enough buzz that I can't imagine that it won't be around next season. It may just be a case where CBS doesn't want to commit to making more episodes until it has to, or until it knows when said episodes will air. So much right now is in limbo, but Moonlight's momentum appears strong enough to come out the other side OK.

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Anonymous said...

I pray Matt is correct. I can't remember the last time I was obsessed with a TV show.