Saturday, January 12, 2008

Video of Mick and Beth's scenes from Love Lasts Forever (episode #1x11)

PurpleHippie has put together a great video of several Mick and Beth scenes from Love Lasts Forever (episode #1x11). Watching the moment when Beth begs Mick to turn Josh is still so emotional, even though I've seen it several times now. I've never been able to view an episode or scene numerous times in a row and still be caught up in it with any other tv show. Of course, the powerful final scene between Beth and Mick is included.


Sandra said...

Ditto that, Kandye. I watch this show over and over and over and I still get caught. Clearly it taps into some deep longing in all of us.

Francesca said...

All i can say first and foremost...What an episode. I was at the edge of my seat.
I found that emotions were flying everywhere in this episode. Almost like, winds pushing each other in different directions, trying to find its common ground.
Funny though you feel everything with each and every character, you cant help but be engulfed by the passion they seep out onto the television set.
I was not liking that i was disliking Beth in this episode because i love her to Death but the way she was treating Mick was so wrong. I understand how she feels and she is probably confused as hell with the whole vampire thing after Sarah and Josef sour turning.

When she told Mick just out of the blue like that,"Well why dont you go find yourself a vampire wife?" That was like a stab to the heart. Did anyone else feel that? She was being cold not her usual charming, funny, happy go lucky girl. So i guess this is what Mick meant about feelings changing. Funny how though in this episode he proclaims his feelings for Beth in his voice overs, i liked that and was happy but his feelings were not shared by Beth at all.
Not turning Josh was the right thing to do for Mick. Although we should take into consideration that when Beth asked Mick to turn Josh, she said,"Turn him, he will live" Not turn him Mick because i love him. Yes she did proclaim to Josh at her house that she loved him but i think she is definetly trying to feel love for Josh so that she can forget Mick but it is not possible she will have to submit to her feelings one day. Tough situation for both of them really. Beth will come to her senses, i believe that.
How they will end it well most of us know, but what i am curious to know is when they bring it back, keeping my fingers crossed, how will they return Moonlight to us...that will be interesting to see.
I am sorry that Josh is gone. I would of rathered they ended their relationship but oh well what is done is done.

The last scene when Mick goes to her house, that was a wrenching scene. I think Beth asked that question to see how he would answer it, "if it were me would you have saved me mick?" I think she tested him there just alittle. The answer of course was disappointing but he had no choice to answer that way. It wouldnt be fair to say he picks and chooses who to turn. She is in mourning for now. Let her be and hopefully she will come back as the lovely Beth we all know and Love.

Mick you are a hunk, i love you, hope we see more of Moonlight in the coming months and years.
Love your blog kandye, great stuff.