Sunday, January 13, 2008

Vote for Moonlight in People's Choice Awards Buzz Polls

On the People's Choice Awards website, they have cool little Buzz Polls. It is their way of finding out what shows, movies, bands and singers are buzz worthy. Of course, Moonlight is already the subject of many polls. Yea! Great job everyone :) If you are a member, you can also submit new questions. I've been having a lotta fun with this.

Here are some samples of the current Moonlight Buzz Polls ~

Out of the three Vampire tv shows listed below, which one is your all time favorite? Choices ~ Moonlight (main character Mick St John), Forever Knight (main character Nicholas de Brabant) or Angel (main character Angelus).

Who should Moonlight's Josef end up with? Choices ~ Sleeping Beauty should wake up, Lola should reappear with a new drug or strange turn of events : Coraline.

Now that Moonlight has won a PCA for Best New Drama, do you want to see this show come back for another season?

If you had to choose one television show about vamps to stay on the air, which would it be? Choices ~ Moonlight or Blood Ties.

Who's your favorite "bad boy" vamp? Choices ~ our Josef or Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Do you want to see Moonlight's first season on DVD with behind the scenes special features included?

What is your favorite episode? Choices ~ Fever #1x04 Beth feeds Mick, Arrested Development #1x05 Beth kisses Mick twice or B.C. #1x06 Beth tries to seduce Mick.

After seeing next week's preview involving Coraline's "cure" on Moonlight, what do you think she is up to? Do you think she is going to seek revenge on Beth? Can Mick kill her a 2nd time?

Will Beth forgive Mick for not saving Josh?

Do you think the fans of Moonlight will get a second season?

Who is your favorite female character on the Moonlight television series? Choices ~ Beth Turner, Morgan Coraline or The Cleaner.

CBS was brilliant in putting Alex O'Loughlin in Moonlight. He's the hottest thing on the planet! (I think the answer to this one should be DUH! ha)

Join in the festivities! Anyone can vote, but you must sign up to be able to write your own poll question.

I couldn't resist using this still photo from Alex's charming People's Choice acceptance speech. While we are sad to not have more episodes, I think he needed the break. He is so handsome and relaxed in the video. The ocean as a background is beautiful. Going home to Australia seems to agree with him.... but we want him back soon! *wink*

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Jill said...

Re: the favorite "bad" boy vamp poll- while I really like Josef, I'm afraid I'd have to go with Spike on this one!