Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vote in TV Guide's Healthiest Looking Television Stars Poll

A few days ago, I asked you to comment when TV Guide solicited nominees for their Healthiest TV Stars poll. They have selected the actors & actresses who received the most comments & created the poll to allow us to choose the winner. You did such a wonderful job! Moonlight stars have FOUR spots on the list ~ Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring and Brian J White. The most of any show. *cheer* Now, it is time to vote and make sure one of our sexy, healthy stars win this thing! :)

Currently, Alex is in the lead with 30.5% .... followed closely by Jensen Ackles of Supernatural at 26.6% ... Erica Durance from Smallville is a distant third with 5.9%.


Anonymous said...

I think it's great that four of the stars from Moonlight were chosen for this healthy stars thing but , is that really a picture of Sophia Miles? It doesn't look like her, where is it from?

Francesca said...

Oh yes anonymous that is Sophia i posted a website of hers that you can check out.

They are all great looking people. Love them all.

The Rural Wife said...

I just went to vote again for Alex for the healthiest body and noticed that the dude from supernatural is gaining on our Alex. So maybe you should remind everyone to continue voting?