Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yahoo ~ Slide show of Alex O'Loughlin being transformed into vamp mode

Yahoo has a cool slide show of Alex O'Loughlin being turned into Mick St John in Vampire mode. Great photos! Along with the images ~ Moonlight's head make up artist, Deborah Larsen, tells how the transformation is made. I giggled when I read "he's still attractive." That is an understatement! ;) I like the fact that Moonlight vamps don't go all bumpy ugly.

Deborah is yet another person who talks about how involved Alex is with all aspects of the show. I respect his dedication. His commitment is definitely evident in the fantastic finished product.

"I wanted to create a beautiful organic character for Moonlight that is simpler and more attractive than most vampires. He is scary, and he means business, but he’s still attractive. You can relate to him. This would mean nothing if it weren’t for Alex, who knows this character so well."

"We start with base, which I specially designed through a lab for the show. It is a great beige/grey light formula. The airbrush is used to add texture to his face and special drops of white and rose go into his skin."

"Alex is so creative; he’s involved in everything. I (along with Chris Gallaher, my assistant/fx make-up person) spent three and a half weeks with Alex in pre-production."

"Alex’s lenses go in after his make-up has been done. Then, the maroon/dark plum is applied around his eyes. Blood-red grease paint goes on his eyelids and at the edge of the eyes. Rice-paper color is airbrushed on for marble skin texture and dimension. The eye make-up is applied using a plum/dark purple/deep purple cream make-up designed by Ben Nye. It goes around the eyes and under the eyes. Plus, the illustrator palettes go over it for the staging power. We add veining with the airbrush and aged make-up turquoise is also used for this effect."

"The contact lenses are designed by Joel Silver, and Dr. Gording put them together for me. They are a custom full-fitting lens, not an everyday lens."

"The teeth are a dental grade. We have two stages: a medium style for when he has his first stage of vamp mode (smell, etc.), and a second stage for when he’s ready to attack. I think Alex is fine with the teeth now. It took some time to get used to."

"We have shortened the whole process. It used to take 35 to 40 minutes in straight Mick make-up and now it only takes 15 minutes. Vampire make-up, which used to take 60 to 75 minutes, now takes 35 to 40 minutes. That includes hands and veins."

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