Monday, February 25, 2008

Alex O'Loughlin screen capture from Living's Moonlight interview promo

By popular demand...... This screen capture is from Alex O'Loughlin's interview promo made by the UK's Living channel. When I said that several people were gonna love the appearance Alex's tongue makes in the video, I had no idea how many emails I would receive about it. OK Ladies, here is your photo. Sorry, Alex ;)


Cobby said...

Oh Kandye, how could you do that to our darling Alex. He'll probably never speak again to the public.

I miss him and the rest of the gang so much. I'm extremely excited to see what they do in the next 4 eps. If CBS put's Mick & Beth together to consumate their relationship I'm afraid that might signal the end of OUR show. I'm anxious and afraid at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kandye,
Just wanted to let you know....
I check your blogspot every morning for my moonlight fix. Imagine my shock when I came across the screen cap of Alex with his tongue sticking out. I nearly passed out!
Please don't do that again....or else I will not live to see april 11th. (The guy is just a work of art...) Thanks for sharing the screen cap!

Tuesdayangel (youtube)

Anonymous said...

i miss Moonlight so much! it was such a good show. and the last episode was SO GOOD!!!! how could it be the last?! i was so upset when it got cancelled. AGH!!!! they need to bring it back!!!!