Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CBS releases new Moonlight video ~ Rewind

CBS' Eyelab has created and released a new Moonlight video today. It is called Rewind. You guessed it... scenes are shown in reverse, which is a cool effect.

New info! Fresh episodes of Moonlight will begin airing on Friday, April 25th... not on the 11th as previously reported. However, CBS is still listing our show as returning on April 11th. This could mean that we will get reruns of the last episodes. Perhaps, the network will show Love Lasts Forever (episode #1x11) on the 11th and The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12) on the 18th. I think that would be a great lead up to the first new episode being broadcast on the 25th, especially for new viewers. Of course, I will let you know anything else I find out :)


Anonymous said...

AAAAAA!! We have to wait a little longer I was just getting use to April 11th, and BAM!!! CBS throws us another doozy!!!! I'm usually a patient person, but from worrying about the show, CBS giving us the go around, changing dates, my patience is starting to wear thin. I just hope if they're smart they will show LLF and TMC to lead into the new episodes and for the newbies who haven't watched these episodes it will be a great lead in the following week. Cool video BTW. They better come up with a super sexy promotion video when it really comes back with new one.. Maybe a new one with Mick and Beth.. NEW ONE not old clips.. That would be cool wouldn't. He could resist Mick.

Anonymous said...

Although I am disappointed that we won't have new episodes as early as 4/11, at the same time IF the intent is to air some of the later episodes as a lead in to the new ones, that is a good idea and will (we hope) bring in some more new viewers. So lets hope that is the strategy as not only is it a good one, but shows that maybe CBS is putting SOME thought into actually promoting the show instead of just throwing the new episodes over the wall where the already "hooked" fans are impatiently waiting :o)

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't mind waiting a little longer as long as there's some sign of faith in the show by holding it for May sweeps and giving the crew enough time to really do a good job in production.

Anonymous said...

CBS updated its Moonlight page to say the show will be back as of April 11. Let's all be on watching as soon as it comes back. If they are rerun Love Lasts Forever and The Mortal Cure to catch the newbies up at least we get the workout scene. And face it, the last couple of scenes of Mortal Cure are WOW!
I'll be watching,

Cobby said...

Anonymous #4 - the CBS website stating new eps on April 11 is NOT new. That statement has been there for weeks. Kandye's statement April 25 is correct for new.

See what happens when you have professionals putting together videos......that REWIND is fantastic, only the pros would have thought of that.