Friday, February 22, 2008

Matt Roush gives his opinion on CBS not yet renewing Moonlight

Matt Roush was asked for his opinion on Moonlight not yet being officially picked up for a second season. His answer confirms what we have been discussing. It appears that CBS is waiting to see what happens with our four new episodes (which begin airing April 11th, 2008). As we have been told when calling the network, the decision probably won't be announced until mid-May.

TV Guide ~ Ask Matt

Question :

As you can probably imagine, there's plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth out here in Moonlight-land with CBS' list of 2008-'09 renewals published and no mention of Moonlight. The pickup of the four episodes for April gave us all cause for hope. Now we don't know what to think. What are your thoughts? — Lyn

Matt Roush :

If Moonlight were really dead, CBS wouldn't have gone to the expense of putting the show back into production for just four more episodes. I'd take that as a sign to be cautiously optimistic that if the spring episodes show the same creative growth and fan momentum that Moonlight was exhibiting when the strike kicked in, then CBS will have little choice but to renew it. But I doubt we'll know for sure until the actual Upfronts in May.

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