Saturday, February 23, 2008

Message from Sophia Myles to Moonlight Fans

Here is a sweet thank you message that Sophia Myles sent to her fans. Maria posted it on her great site dedicated to our Beth Turner :)

Sophia Myles passed on this lovely quote about the comeback of ‘Moonlight’ - and addresses especially all the ‘Moonlight’ fans:

“Moonlight is getting ready to come back so fasten your seat belts! I believe that it is our passionate and ever growing fan base that has made it possible for us to tell more of this great story. My thanks to all Moonlight fans for their loyalty, support and seriously cool karma!” Love, Sophia Myles x x x

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Anonymous said...

OMG!! that is so sweet of her. She does know how dedicated and passionate we are about the show, and how we love Sophia, Alex and the rest of the cast. She totally ROCKS in my book. Sending love right back at ya!!! Sophia. We'll be hanging on tight to our seat belts coming April 11th