Thursday, February 7, 2008

Moonlight included in CBS promo for the Grammy Awards

The lovely TexasBlondie brought this video to my attention. CBS has created a promo video for the upcoming Grammy Awards. In the clip, they include moments from several of their shows ~ CSI, Numb3rs, Shark, Two & a Half Men, CSI NY, Ghost Whisperer, Cane, The Unit, CSI Miami..... but most important.... a brief glimpse of Moonlight's sexy Mick St John & Sophia Myles (from the seduction scene in the B.C. episode #1x06).

Since it is the Grammy's a few musicians are also shown. Imagine that! ha! Marvin Gaye, Whitney Houston, Prince, Beyonce, Paul McCartney, Tina Turner, U2, Faith Hill, Ray Charles, Alan Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Sting, Celine Dion, Jamie Foxx, Michael Jackson.... some greats! Of course, Bon Jovi is featured because their song "Make a Memory" is the music playing.

Ooooooo.... by the way.... The 50th Annual Grammy Awards show airs on CBS this Sunday, February 10th, 2008 at 7:00pm CST/8:00pm Eastern.

For a list of nominees ~

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