Friday, February 1, 2008

Music from tonight's episode of Moonlight ~ Fever #1x04

A list of music from tonight's wonderful Moonlight episode ~ Fever (#1x04). They sure know how to enhance the atmosphere with the right band and song at the right time.

Vanished by Front Line Assembly ~ song playing at the beginning & midpoint of Fever ~ while Mick is taking his ice bath at the desert motel (video above)

Just Like Everyone by Saturn Missiles ~ music playing when Mick gets Leni a drink at bus stop diner

Into Dust by Mazzy Star ~ powerful background music as Mick and Beth are simultaneously leaning on either side of his apartment door ~ final scene


Anonymous said...

Ah great. I was just watching the show -I didn't even know- and the song by mazzy star at the end is soooo beautiful :) Thanks for putting it online!

m~ said...

I just watched that episode again to night on the Sci Fi channel. I loved the music! I am completely obsessed with this show, too bad we won't get to see any new episodes.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody!
I'm from France, and I just discovered this TV show that's is so great !
I'm looking for the song we heard when Mick is biting Beth in the bath, the scene is wonderful and I'm obsessed to find this song, did someone know it please ??