Friday, February 29, 2008

Yes ~ CBS has changed Moonlight's return date to April 25th

Hi all...... I have been receiving tons of mail from people asking about Moonlight's return date. CBS has changed it from April 11th to April 25th. I know it is confusing & frustrating. After telling everyone that would listen and handing out flyers, I have to go back and let them know the date has changed. We just have to go with it! On the positive side ~ now Moonlight will air during the May sweeps :) It also gives us even more time to promote ourselves silly for our show!


Anonymous said...

me and my family are very big fans of moonlight. We just love it. we've been anticipating the return of moonlight for several weeks now and we can't wait to see a new episode. it's been such a long wait, but it's such a good show :)

stefania said...

hi. i've just found moonlight. i 've spent a whole night watching it. i coouldn't let's too bad they haven't made a second season. i think it would have worth it. i love it