Saturday, March 29, 2008

Alex O'Loughlin needs your votes!

Just a reminder everyone.... Please, help Alex by voting! Unfortunately, he continues to be in 2nd place for Sexiest Sci Fi guy. *growl* He is still winning the Man-Mane category, but Patrick Dempsey's percentage has been creeping up. We need to stand by our man!

TV Guide has asked several new poll questions. Alex O'Loughlin is competing in two of them ~ Sexiest Sci-Fi Guy and Sexiest Man-Mane. We know that he should win both hands down!

No one else from our cast is included in any of the categories. How can you have Jason Dohring, Brian J White, Sophia Myles, Jordan Belfi (RIP) & Shannyn Sossamon along side Alex and NOT have the hottest cast on television?! *grumble*

Tom Welling (Smallville) & Alex are fighting it out to be #1 in the Sci Fi guy category. Currently, Alex is in second place. :( We are not going to let him down, are we?!? He is winning the Man-Mane poll right now.

Please, go vote.... vote often.... and spread the word!

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