Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ausiello confirms Moonlight is NOT the "bubble show about to burst"

I have received messages from a lot of you who were concerned about Michael Ausiello's recent blind item. He hinted that a "bubble" show will soon be told it is cancelled. Many fans were worried he was talking about Moonlight. I assured you that our show is NOT the program in question. Now, Michael has confirmed that in his Ask Ausiello column on TV Guide's website this morning.

First.... here is his post that caused all the distress ~

If this blind item gives you a nagging sense of déjà vu, there's good reason: It's nearly identical to one I posted last year at this time concerning a beloved comedy that was on the verge of getting the ax because it lacked a key supporter at the network that aired it.

Cut to March 2008 and a similar situation is playing out with another wildly popular series, only this time the dispassionate network bigwig has a different name and the bubble show in question is a one-hour drama. According to my spies, said suit's beef with the series (which may or may not be on the same network as that other series) is twofold: He/she thinks it's creatively overrated and, more importantly, it's underperforming in the ratings (particularly given its budget).

And as bad luck would have it, this is the very person the program's top exec had to sit down with last week to pitch next season's potential hot plots to! One can only imagine the number of (Crickets) present at that meeting.

The good news? Not everyone at the network is hating on the endangered series. Plus, the plug hasn't been pulled yet!

Now, the response ~

Question :

For my sanity's sake, please tell me the "Bubble Show About to Burst" is not Moonlight. — Nicole

Ausiello :

Oh, that reminds me. I promised you guys a major clue, didn't I? Hmmm… let's see…. I can confirm that the bubble show at the center of my latest blind item is not Moonlight. Or any other show on CBS, for that matter.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is a cruel, cruel man.

Marla said...


Kristie1175 said...

Thanks for posting the update Kandye.

This is great news. :):)

Anonymous said...

"WHEW" that makes me feel a whole lot better. I'm glad he confirmed it. He tends to get annoying something. In my opinion,and just an opinion, I don't think he like Moonlight very much. All his reviews have not been really positive. He makes me nervous. At least for now I feel more at ease.