Saturday, March 22, 2008

Entertainment Weekly features Moonlight in their Spring TV Preview

Entertainment Weekly's website has included Moonlight in their Spring TV Preview. Sooooo interesting to read what Gabrielle Stanton & Harry Werksman hint is coming up for our show. I like the writer's description of "where we left off." She summed it up in just a couple of sentences. I had the same feeling of don't blame the Vampire! ha!

APRIL 25 · 9 PM · CBS

WHERE WE LEFT OFF: Girl meets vampire. Girl flirts with vampire, but still loves boyfriend. Boyfriend gets shot, and vampire struggles in vain to save boyfriend's life. Girl blames...vampire?

UP NEXT: Beth (Sophia Myles) ''really wanted [Mick] to turn her boyfriend into a vampire'' to save him, explains exec producer Gabrielle Stanton. She also has a brief opportunity to be with Mick (Alex O'Loughlin), now that he's temporarily human after taking ''the cure.'' ''There's going to be a little tension,'' vows exec producer Harry Werksman, who adds that we'll soon see a lot more average folks who happen to be vampires. ''Very happy, nice people,'' adds Stanton, ''buying their blood legally.'' —Alynda Wheat,,20185232_25,00.html

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