Sunday, March 2, 2008

Fan Video ~ Mick St John ~ Smile Part 2

More Alex O'Loughlin smiles..... DARN! ha! This video is part 2 by Purpldy. Scenes from Out of The Past (episode #1x02) and Dr Feelgood (episode #1x03). Music ~ Smile by Ricky Lee Jones.


Anonymous said...

These are just great! She's so talented.

cobby said...

I also watched Sunglasses at Night by Corey Hart which is on the same strip - one of my favorite songs plus another fav video. The scene from Fever outside of Jack's house when Beth says to Mick, "you're a delicate flower Mick St. John" and the look he gives her is enough to squeeze him to death but what I love the most is his answer (typical man) "don't you have a job or something" - I chuckle everytime he says that.

And another fav line, and I think it's yours too, is from No Such Thing as Vampires, when Beth smashes the side of his head with some glass thing and he looks at her for a delayed moment then says, "ouch", another good chuckle for me. I've rewatched that scene countless times. (by some fluke that episode was deleted from my DVR) - "ouch". And I waited so long to get it recorded since I didn't the first time around. "ouch" again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos there were great. I have watched them all, they're all so good. Smile part 2 fav scene was Mick and Beth in the car where she offers him a chip, that was so funny. This is so cute they were so comfortable with each other not a care in the world they were actually having a good time and laughing. We need to see more scenes like this in the upcoming episodes. Mick and Beth need to smile more because this couple went throught hell and back. There is alot of tension there, we need to see them be happy, and of course we need kissess and hugs,,lol.