Saturday, March 1, 2008

Great fan video promoting Moonlight's return on April 25th

Paranormalfan has made an incredible fan promo for Moonlight's return on April 25th. Vamped out Mick St John ~ YUM! Lots of action scenes in the video to go along with great music. The song she uses is Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva.


Anonymous said...

Great music and great editing!I think this is my best Moonligh video! Thank you for making it!!!
I know, I know, the chemistry between Micbeth is the core of the story, but for me without all those action scenes and the darkness of vampire flavor,,, I wouldn't be so crazy about the program. Anyway, thank you again, I LOVE IT!!!

Deborah said...

Great video by Paranormalfan. Alex sure looked so sexy whenever he vamped out. Only in MOONLIGHT that the action scenes could be this incredible & amazing. After viewing several promotional fan videos on MOONLIGHT, I felt more disgusted with CBS for NOT promoting our beloved show more & treating it fairly. I miss Alex & the gang so much.

Thanks again, Kandye, for all the work you have done in supporting MOONLIGHT & keeping us informed with all the up-to-date information regarding our beloved show.

paranormalfan said...

Thank you so much Kandye for promoting my new video! It means the world to me.



Anonymous said...

This is a freaking good video!!!
I love what they've made!!

cobby said...

I think the few vamped out scenes they've put in ML are tame. I especially liked the ending in LLF when the blood was dripping from Mick's mouth/chin. Since they don't vamp him out that often, when they do they should make it real nasty looking.