Sunday, March 9, 2008

Message from Alex O'Loughlin to Moonlight Fans

Alex O'Loughlin sent a thoughtful and informative message to Moonlight fans this afternoon. What a sweet man :)

Hello everyone!!

Dearest Friends, Family and devoted Fans.

Well I just thought i would put a blog out and touch base with everybody before this crazy show of mine goes back into production... which is happening any minute now!!

I have got to say that this show of ours is SUCH a little survivor, it's unbelievable! I mean, talk about delivering in the face of adversity...

* They completely recast the whole show around my character after the initial Pilot was shot (which never aired of course).

* We have gone through not 1..2....3............but 4 different Show Runners.

* We were fighting to survive, let alone get a pickup and the industry moved into a 3 month Writers Strike.

... and that is just the beginning of it.

With all that being said not only are we still on air with another pickup of 4-5 shows, but we won best new show in the People's Choice Awards!!

The award however, is only because of all you AWESOME fans out there. You guys take full credit for that one and know that from the bottom of our hearts, ALL of us here at MOONLIGHT (cast and crew) love you for it!!! ;)

I have been in touch with a number of you individually but i wanted to send out a group mail to let you all know what has been happening recently in the world of Alex.

I have been all over the planet in the last 2 months, Australia twice, London, Paris, Rome, Dublin and back through LA like three times where I now find myself, back at home gathering my thoughts and readying myself for the onslaught that is MOONLIGHT to come. Honestly... I cant wait!!

My travels have been as extensive as they have because i have been promoting the show for the world market. We have started airing in different regions of Europe with a lot still to come and already are being received very well. I saw how hard you all fought to keep this great story alive while i was here shooting it and realized that though i had some time away from the set and the cameras over this strike period and during the Christmas break, i had to keep working as hard as you guys have been so when the time does finally come for our second season pickup (and it's not too far away now!) we know we all did everything we could.

I am currently working on a refurbished MySpace page and official Alex O'Loughlin fan page which I look forward with great anticipation to delivering to you.

I am well. I am happy. I am focused and i am ready, once again, to pour everything i can back into this great little show of ours to make it the best i possibly can!!

Wish me luck my friends.

All my love and appreciation,
Alex xox

If this doesn't inspire you to fight for Moonlight and SAVE OUR VAMPIRE, nothing will.


Anonymous said...

He is such a doll and so sweet. Ditto for you -- thanks for letting us know!

Anonymous said...

I soaked up every single word! What a wonderful surprise, Message from Alex!!!!Thank you Alex, you are so sweet. We are here for you...
I can't wait to see him at the Paley Center!

kookiegirl said...

Hi Kandye; 1st. time on your blog and happy to join. I've been a fan of your site for quite sometime and yr doing a great job. Thanks for the lovely msg from our Sexy Vamp! Wish I could be at the Paley Ctr. to meet him in person or at least to look at him. Thanks for keeping us so well informed!

Anonymous said...

4 to 5 shows. 5... did anyone else notice that?

This was great. Thanks again Kandye. You are indeed "Moonlight Central".

Midnight Angel said...

He is so sweet and very down to earth, very thoughtful and so gorgeous! Thanks Kandye as always for all your information.

Anonymous said...

What a sweetie pie! He mentions an official AOL fan page; can't wait!! Kandye, thanks so much for sharing. You're the best!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, yeah, I noticed that "5" slipped in there. I hope it does go to five, holy cow, I'll feel like such a spoiled fan. :)

Honestly, just when you think he can't get cuter or sweeter, he goes and posts a blog for us. Seriously, you can't help but absolutely love the guy. I'm so glad this sudden rush of a fanbase for him hasn't gone to his head. It's always a tragedy when someone with his potential, insane level of handsomeness, and raw talent take advantage of such opportunities. You go, babe, I can't wait to see an official site. :D

Thanks so much Kandye for posting! You know your site is the bible for us Moonlight fanatics.

Rachelle said...

What a lovely note, and how nice of him to take the time to put it out there. Yay Alex!

Deborah said...

Alex is so considerate & appreciative of us fans. I agree, Kandye, that Alex, as well as Sophia, Jason & Shannyn, are truly worthy of our fights to have MOONLIGHT renewed.

Thanks for sharing this uplifting posting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this wonderful message from Alex. What a humble human being. Wish I could be with everyone at the Paley event and the Moonlight Con. But I am 2000 miles away. I will be with everyone in spirit. Keep up the good work Kandye.

Anonymous said...

I love that Alex left a commit to tell us what happed thank goodness we only have to wait a will el well people keep posting every were DON'T GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristie1175 said...

Thank you for sharing this message from Alex Kandye.

Alex, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write us this message. We all appreciate what you have done for us this past year and we're looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the cast when Moonlight returns. :) :)

Moonlight4ever said...

It was fun reading a personal note from Alex. His message was so sweet. He is endearingly humble and I am awed that he would take time from his busy schedule to connect with his Moonlight fans. I can hardly wait for April 25th. Thanks for the great website.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Alex... here from Guam, mate !
We have many Australians here, and we are picking up some of their sayings ;)
Like somebody said: "I'm so glad this sudden rush of a fanbase for him hasn't gone to his head".
Too many have gone that way only to crash and burn.
Here on Guam, we are all behind you...
You go, cutie pie!...