Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moonlight Blood Drive Info

This is important information about the blood drive being organized by Christi, Barbara and all the wonderful Moonlight fans contributing to the American Red Cross!

For Immediate Release
March 26, 2008
Moonlight Blood Drive

Fans of the CBS vampire detective television series Moonlight have organized a national blood drive to show their support and to celebrate the return of new episodes beginning Friday April 25th.

The freshman series has amassed a huge fan base and a cult-like following, as evidenced by winning the “Favorite New TV Drama” on The Peoples Choice Awards, and the show consistently won it’s time period.

The Official Moonlight Blood Drive is being sponsored by, which is the place for fans of TV programs to join campaigns for their favorite shows, including “save our show” campaigns.

The National Red Cross has taken an active roll in the blood drive and is acting as a liaison with all of the local Red Cross chapters nationwide. You can select the chapter you would like your donation to go to when you click on the Red Cross donation button on the site. We have earmarked some donations to go to the Greater Los Angeles Red Cross chapter to replenish funds that were depleted by the wildfires.

The Official Moonlight Blood Drive will be held at various locations nationwide April 18th through April 27th. To participate, fans should access and click on Moonlight Season 2 in the Crusades section on the main page to see the three options on how to pledge to give blood or donate money and to find the locations where blood drives are being held. There still is a need for volunteers to help at sites already set up or to run a new blood drive sites across the nation. There are over 4000 total pledges so far. To see how simple it is to run a blood drive site go to and click on the “volunteer” link. There are many blood drive sites already set up in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Philadelphia. Fans who need information and do not have an internet connection can call 800-335-4852 Pacific Time 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily. To respond to this press release e-mail .

The Official Moonlight Blood Drive t-shirt, that is sure to become a collector’s item, will be available for donors during the blood drive through The t-shirts and other items will be available for fans to purchase, who do not participate in the blood drive, after April 27th. Go to to find out this information.

The only two sites exclusively affiliated with the Official Moonlight Blood Drive are and Therefore, for additional information, please contact the representatives listed on the two sites.

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