Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Moonlight video from CBS ~ D.I.Y. Vampire Spotting

WOW! CBS Eyelab has created not one, but TWO new Moonlight videos! They just released the clips a couple of hours ago.

This first video is titled D.I.Y. Vampire Spotting. "Your trusty friends at the EyeLab have come up with a sure fire way to identify vampires. Maybe if you're lucky, you can find one as sexy as Mick St. John!"

How to spot a Vampire....

1. What big eyes and teeth you have
2. Hey your heart's not beating

3. SPF infinity?

4. Cupcake test

5. So you don't have a bed?

6. Wow you can jump higher than M.J.

7. Did you get work done? Or are you immortal?

8. When in doubt burn 'em

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