Monday, March 10, 2008

Sophia Myles photos from the 10,000 BC movie premiere in LA

These photographs of our Sophia Myles are from her appearance at the 10,000 B.C. movie premiere. It was at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. She has such a lovely smile! One of the things I like about Sophia is how fresh she always looks. No caked on make-up for our girl. These are great photos. I hope lots of entertainment shows & magazines cover her being at the event. More publicity for Moonlight!


cobby said...

Sophia has the most perfect face and the most FABULOUS EYEBROWS. Of course her pretty blue eyes enhance them so much more. I don't think viewers/people in general realize just how pretty she is and appears to be very "lady-like". I like her very, very much and is the perfect contrast for Mick.

Anonymous said...

I love this girl - she's adorable.

I've seen her in the Underworld movies & thought she is perfect, especially to play opposite Alex!

But, what's with the matronly clothes? I'd advice her to get a new stylist!