Friday, March 21, 2008

SPOILER PHOTO from Moonlight's next new episode ~ Fated to Pretend (#1x13)

SPOILER ALERT! Photograph from Fated to Pretend!

CBS has released a promo photo for Moonlight's next new episode ~ Fated to Pretend (#1x13). Beth and Mick at the beach! The look on Mick's face says it all. He is finally able to enjoy the sun, food AND Beth. What a picnic spread! For someone who surely grew up going to the beach before being turned into a Vampire, this must be heaven. He has gotten his wish ~ human again ~ but for how long.... he has to enjoy it while he can. As usual, Alex has the perfect expression on his face. I've always said that Mick looks lush in the sunlight :)

Hmmmmm.... I just had a horrible thought..... in many television programs this would turn out to be a dream sequence. Our writers wouldn't do that to us tho, right?


Anonymous said...

On, there are 3 other promo pictures... including Mick with his shirt open!

Anonymous said...

Ah Kandyegirl,
you are the best! Something to dream about. Mick at the beach. Maybe he'll take off his shirt? yum. And IF it turns out to be a dream sequence, then, hmm, depending on who is dreaming, we might see some FUN--something they don't think they can do awake. So bring on the dreams, baby. Mine or theirs!