Monday, March 24, 2008

UK's Daily Star mentions Holly Valance and Moonlight

Moonlight's B.C. episode (#1x06) will air in the UK on Tuesday. The Daily Star did a blurb about Holly Valance who appears as the stunning Lola in that particular episode. Unfortunately, they had a few issues... such as calling Beth BAth and saying Mick is a lawyer. Hmmmmm... I wonder if the writer has ever watched the show. It is good to see Moonlight being mentioned by the media tho.


FANGS are looking up for Holly Valance.

She has landed the role of a sexy vampire in new series Moonlight.

Former soap star Holly, 24, plays sultry Lola in an episode of the show on March 25.

Lola is a 500-year-old bloodsucker who comes under suspicion when party-goers who visit her nightclub end up dead.

Sticking her nose into the investigation is TV reporter Bath – played by David Tennant’s ex-love, Sophia Myles, 27.

Holly, who played Felicity “Flick” Scully in Neighbours for three years, enjoyed getting her teeth into her new role. But, there might just be another reason why she joined the show.

Her boyfriend Alex O’Loughlin, 31, happens to have the lead role in the series – on Living TV on Tuesdays at 10pm – as lawyer Mick St John, who is also a secret vampire.

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