Monday, March 24, 2008

Video ~ Watch with Kristin gives SPOILERS for Moonlight

E Online's, Watch with Kristin, has a new online SPOILER video about several returning shows..... Gossip Girl, The Riches, Bones.... Moonlight! She talks about the episode (#1x13 & #1x14) spoilers we have already discussed, but it is great to hear our show mentioned.

Even better, the video includes behind the scenes peeks of Sophia Myles and Alex O'Loughlin. It is great to see them! Moonlight appears around the 2:31 mark.


In the Ask Kristin part of the video ~

Kristin, can you tell me what happened to Moonlight?

Kristin Dos Santos : It's coming back, and taking a turn toward tabloid dirt. A hard driving editor takes over Beth's Buzzwire and turns it into a scandal loving blog, of all things. Right around the time the paparazzi start digging into Mick's mysterious background, threatening of course to expose his bloody secret.

Update ~ The video is not available right now on the E! website. According to the tech dept, it will be fixed but they don't know how soon. Luckily, I had already typed out Kristin's answer for you here :)

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