Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vote for Alex O'Loughlin in the Sexiest SciFi Guy & Sexiest Man Mane polls

TV Guide has asked several new poll questions. Alex O'Loughlin is competing in two of them ~ Sexiest Sci-Fi Guy and Sexiest Man-Mane. We know that he should win both hands down!

No one else from our cast is included in any of the categories. How can you have Jason Dohring, Brian J White, Sophia Myles, Jordan Belfi (RIP) & Shannyn Sossamon along side Alex and NOT have the hottest cast on television?! *grumble*

Tom Welling (Smallville) & Alex are fighting it out to be #1 in the Sci Fi guy category. Currently, Alex is in second place. :( We are not going to let him down, are we?!? He is winning the Man-Mane poll right now.

32% Tom Welling, Smallville
31% Alex O'Loughlin, Moonlight
15% Thomas Dekker, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
15% Jamie Bamber, Battlestar Galactica
4% Lee Pace, Pushing Daisies

42% Alex O'Loughlin, Moonlight
21% Patrick Dempsey, Grey's Anatomy
18% Josh Holloway, Lost
7% Sendhil Ramamurthy, Heroes
6% Taylor Kitsch, Friday Night Lights
2% James Tupper, Men in Trees

Please, go vote.... vote often.... and spread the word!

Vote for the Sexiest

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cobby said...

kandye, I don't recognize the ep this photo is from, nor do I recognize whose hand it is? DO YOU?