Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Giving blood to support Moonlight :)

April is Moonlight month! Time to chat again about giving blood :) I'm aware that many of you donate often, which is wonderful. You are saving lives! My sweet friend Barbara had a great suggestion. Most blood donation organizations give you a sticker announcing that you donated (I know the Oklahoma Blood Institute does). When we send our postcards & letters to CBS in support of Moonlight, we can slap on those stickers to show them what Moonlight has inspired its fans to do. Great idea!

Remember..... if you haven't already made your pledge, please visit Christi & Barbara at http://youchoose.net/campaign/moonlight_season_2. The goal is a national blood drive coinciding with Moonlight's return ~ April 18th to April 27th. Can you imagine fans united in cities across the country?!?! *cheer* You have several choices to help those in need AND support Moonlight. Some of you are not eligible to donate blood. Don't worry! You can still help by contributing to the American Red Cross, organizing events for others who can donate, etc. No one is left out :)

They also have a link for those who want to make monetary donations. It is for the LA county chapter of the Red Cross... not only because Moonlight films in Los Angeles, but because their supply & resources were seriously depleted by the California wildfires. Of course, you may donate to any chapter you like or to the national organization. Be sure to make your contribution in honor of Moonlight.

Moonlight fans are such a thoughtful and generous bunch. I am proud to know you!

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