Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Poll ~ What's the better HDTV show? Moonlight or 24?

TV Predictions' website is having their first elimination tournament to let us vote & select the best HDTV show. Kinda like basketball's March Madness. Moonlight is competing in round one against 24. Let's make sure our show wins!

I thought it was funny that the photo the used for Moonlight is actually Sophia Myles as her character, Erika, from the Underworld films.

Fox's 24 vs. CBS' Moonlight: What's the Better HDTV Show?

TVPredictions.com sets out to discover which high-def program is the best of all.

Okay, which one is a better HDTV show? CBS' Moonlight or Fox's 24? In round one of the LCD division of our first annual elimination tournament to determine the best show in High-Definition, we pit 24 (top seed) vs. Moonlight (8th seed)

24, which stars Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer, will be tough to beat here, although the writers' strike foiled Fox's plans to bring the show back this year.

But Moonlight, which follows the bloody trail of the mysterious vampire Mick St. John, has achieved a cult following for CBS.

So cast your vote below! The winner will play the winner of the Desperate Housewives-NCIS contest in the next round.


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