Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ratings for Moonlight's Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) ~ April 25th

Ratings race for 4/25/08 ~ CBS won the night, which happens to be the first Friday of May sweeps. Moonlight was the winner of its time slot ~ both in viewers & the important demo! Out of the ten shows airing on Friday night, Moonlight took 3rd place :) YEA! However, we need to get the ratings up. We want to have numbers that CBS just can not ignore.

Also, as we have been discussing, please continue sending feedback to the network. Let them know
that we watch Moonlight but don't count in the numbers because we are not Nielsen families.

When Love Lasts Forever (episode #1x11) & The Mortal Cure (episode #1x12) originally aired in January, they grabbed 8.32 million demo 3 & 8.17 million demo 3.13 respectively. Our goal is to meet and BEST those numbers. Keep spreading the word about our show!

Fast Nationals ~ Moonlight's ratings for Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13) on Friday, April 25th, 2008 ~

7.99 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo share 2.1/6 (1st)

Ratings for the rest of CBS' Friday night shows ~

Ghost Whisperer : 9 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 2.3/9 (1st)
Numb3rs : 9.61 million viewers (1st), 18 to 49 demo 2.2/7 (1st)

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