Thursday, April 17, 2008

Spoiler photo ~ Mick St John, Josef & Moonlight on Entertainment Weekly's site

SPOILER PHOTO ~ Moonlight is on Entertainment Weekly's list of Guilty Pleasures. We know our show is a pleasure, period... visually, artistically and emotionally. Not to mention, the pleasure of watching Alex O'Loughlin and Jason Dohring *wink* And, I think we have marvelous writers!

They posted the pic of Mick St John and Josef Kostan all vamped out for a fight in Fated to Pretend (episode #1x13). I love that photo :> "It is SO on!"

'Guilty' Pleasures? 14 Shows We're Not Ashamed to Love

No embarrassment here. Sometimes, fluff like ''Rock of Love,'' ''The Bachelor,'' and ''Moonlight'' is exactly what the television doctor ordered...


Stalwart PopWatch doyenne Mandi Bierly had this to say about Moonlight back in January: ''I haven't always watched Moonlight. I intended to when it premiered last fall, but by the time I got around to it, the handful of people I knew tuning in had stopped. Then I spent a few Friday nights at home, and was too lazy to turn the channel after watching David Conrad on Ghost Whisperer, so I finally saw it. Yes, I wish Moonlight (starring Alex O'Loughlin, pictured left, with Jason Dohring) was as well written as Buffy and Angel, but who isn't fascinated by the idea of a vamp becoming human?'' With Moonlight returning, here are some more EW staff revelations: the shows we're not ashamed to love.


Anonymous said...

NOT AS WELL WRITTEN??? Excuse me, I was a fan of both Buffy and Angel and let me tell you,there is no comparison! Buffy and Angel were written for teens and that is fine, but Moonlight was written for adults and beats the other two shows hands down.This show has me soooo captivated---not to mention mezmerized by yummy Alex---that I can think of little else. Buffy and Angel? Better writing?? What planet is Entertainment Weekly on anyway??

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Not as well written?? what?
I have to admit that I watched Buffy..till all the demons and witches started to show up...Angel...never interested in that show. Too much...too little? :S...can't explain it.

I just love moonlight..the characters are great and I love the writers!.

I'm a moonlight addict..and proud of it!


Anonymous said...

I watched Buffy a couple of time and I too thought it was a kids show. I have watched bits and peices of Angel and could not get unto it, a green horned comedian in a "underground" comedy club for demons? I would think I was was more intellegent than that. Moonlight is so much fun, and also based on old sytle television. Boy meets girl, boy helps girl, etc...etc. It holds you and entertains you, it does not insult you.