Monday, April 21, 2008

Video ~ Alex O'Loughlin's interview on The Early Show

Mild spoilers for those who don't want to know anything at all before the new episodes begin airing this Friday!

This video is of Alex O'Loughlin's interview on The Early Show this morning (Monday, April 21st , 2008). It was so good to see him :) Gracious and yummy, as expected! Of course, I wish Alex had been on for much longer. I'm greedy like that. However, we are happy for any amount of time with him, right? Plus, I hope this opens the flood gates of him being booked on the talk shows. You couldn't find a more delightful guest!

A short clip of scenes from Moonlight's next episode, Fated to Pretend (#1x13), was shown during the interview. It includes the footage of Mick's morning routine ~ brushing his teeth, drinking coffee, walking around shirtless ~ that we saw in a spoiler video previously. Our speculation was correct, it is a voiceover sequence. He says the lines we could hear the female crew member reciting in the background. We see Mick and Beth talking to new ADA Talbot, a bit of Josef, etc.

We learn that Mick has been human for 6 days, 8 hours and 42 minutes when this episode takes place. Beth gives Mick at ultimatum.

Alex "She's like, are we dating or what? So.... yea... we start dating. It's cool."

"An immortal who hasn't dated in sorta 60 years deal with dating in the modern world."

The interviewer (Maggie Rodriguez) was clearly charmed by Alex, to put it mildly. Another one falls under his spell *grin* Like many others, she said "Besides the obvious... I mean, look at him... give me one great reason to watch." In one of the early behind the scenes interviews, Sophia Myles said the same thing ~ "I mean, look at him." And it hasn't stopped since then! hahahaha! I wonder what Alex thinks about that.

Nothing tops the end, when she said "Watch, or Alex will come suck all your blood.... [winks at him]..... that might not be so bad." Should one man have this kinda power over women?!!??! No one is immune!

One thing tho, Alex ~ I'm a girl who happens to like the action/adventure too. It's not just for the guys ;>

Again, he looked very tired. That did not detract in any way from him being stunning as usual. I just feel for him cuz now he has to do more interviews, fly back to LA, do the Paley Center event & Moonlight blood drive, film Sonata (episode #1x16) and then appear at the LA Fangoria Convention.

Speaking of exhausted.......... I stayed up all night to make sure I didn't miss seeing Alex this morning. Time for a little nap!


Deborah said...

Alex did look more tired than yesterday at the Comic Con. That poor man had to get up very early to be on this talk show.

Alex is like a magnet in person and on screen. I just want to point out that he looked 10 lbs. lighter in person because the TV camera does add 10 lbs on the screen. But regardless, he looked so sexy & drop-dead gorgeous. He is simply irresistible. Alex is a handsome, personable and funny man.

In addition, when I looked at his right hand, it just brought back sweet memory for me when he shook my hand after he signed a personalized autograph for me at the Comic Con.

It was a smart move for our Beth to give Mick an ultimatum regarding their dating. The result speaks for itself!!

Lara said...

I so wish I could have gone to this and met him, he just seems so sweet and fun to be around!

Thanks Kandye for all the info and updates!!! And thanks to all your peoples at the convention.

cobby said...

there isn't a woman on this earth that can't fall under his spell, unless one prefers women. Yes Deborah, he is irresistible.

kookiegirl said...

Have to admit Alex looked very tired but nonetheless drop-dead gorgeous as deborah said. He also seemed very shy but sweet at the same time. Alex exudes so much sex appeal...that's incomprehensible!! How I envy Beth!!