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iF Magazine Covers Fangoria's Moonlight Panel

The lovely Sean Elliot, from iF Magazine, wanted to make sure we knew about their great coverage of Moonlight's Panel at the Fangoria Con in LA. Thanks, Sean :)

Our cast talks about the final three episodes this season, but nothing majorly spoilery. It makes me sad to think they had to film the last one so that it could stand as a series finale ~ no cliffhangers ~ in case Moonlight is not renewed. You know they would have gone all out if only CBS had already picked up the show for a second season. I am soooooo ready for CBS to give us the good news! Sorry..... *climbing down off my soapbox*

Fantastic photos by Wendy Saatjian!


Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, & Jason Dohring delight the audience and iF MAGAZINE was there
By SEAN ELLIOTT, Senior Editor
Published 5/1/2008

LOCATION: Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors

THE SKINNY: iF MAGAZINE, as usual, covered the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors convention and the last panel of the weekend was for CBS’ vampire detective drama MOONLIGHT. In attendance were stars Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Myles, and Jason Dohring. The panel was moderated by iF MAGAZINE’s own Anthony C. Ferrante (and also a longtime FANGO scribe) and members of the audience were given a few interesting tips offs as to what to expect from the last episodes of the first season.

Alex O’Loughlin talked about the remaining episodes and what kind of stories were going to be told to finish out the season. He did say that no storylines will be left hanging if it can be helped.

“There are three episodes left,” he said. “They are more stand alone, because we’re not completely certain about the second season pick up. We can’t afford to start something that we won’t be able to finish. There is the arc that will always be there between Mick and Beth and that comes to a sort of interesting close.”

Sophia Myles commented on Beth’s love of Mick St. John and how she is personally more attracted to Alex O’Loughlin when he is in vampire makeup, and then went on to talk about changes in Beth’s career.

“Beth has fallen in love with his soul and the fact that he’s a vampire is secondary,” Myles explained. “I actually think he’s sexier when he’s got his contacts in and his fangs. She leaves because Buzz Wire gets very tabloidy and Beth’s not interested in any of that, she’s more interested in the hard hitting journalism.”

O’Loughlin did follow up on Myles comments about him in vampire face laughing, “She always makes passes at me when I’m coming out of makeup.”

Jason Dohring also gave the audience some insight into the final episode of the series which will give viewers more of the vampire mythology that has become more and more popular as the season has continued.

“In the last episode we have a vampire conference and there is a problem that comes up that threatens vampire existence,” he says. “We all deal with it in different ways and in different levels of the vampire social spectrum. You’ll see some interesting stuff with that.”

Of course, the one thing the audience wanted to know the most about was the steamy exchange between Mick and Josef in last week’s episode. While both actors laughed off all of the comments about their chemistry and said that it was more than likely a one time thing. O’Loughlin did comment about the raw sensuality of the scene.

“I don’t know about Jason, but when we were shooting that scene I was thinking more about these creatures and what they are and where they come from; the sensuality of them,” he stated. “There really isn’t anything about homosexuality or heterosexuality to them; they’re just these sensual creatures.”

Wendy's photographs from left to right ~ Moonlight's Alex O'Loughlin (Mick St John), Sophia Myles (Beth Turner) and Jason Dohring (Josef Kostan/Konstantin)

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Francesca said...

I thought that Sophia was so beautiful at this interview. Alex and Jason look like they just got out of bed and ran out...sometimes they kill me...i have a pet peeve with shirt, tie, dress pants and running shoes. Why i ask? Love them though, i just laugh sometimes at their attire.

Sophia is always well dressed and presents herself with such class.