Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kristin Dos Santos speaks to Nina Tassler

Kristin Dos Santos, from E!, spoke to Nina Tassler about canceling Moonlight. For someone who says, "I personally love the show. I love working with Alex O'Loughlin and Joel Silver" she sure has a funny way of showing it, doesn't she?

Lindsay in Atlanta :

I am a little miffed at you, Mrs. Dos Santos. When it comes to TV watching, you are my go-to girl. If you tell me to watch it, I do. So, I'm miffed that now that Moonlight is gone, and I'm hooked. You have given us nothing to sooth our broken hearts. Where is your gritty (but always polite) interview with those evil CBS bosses? Give us something please!

Kristin Dos Santos :

I did talk to CBS president Nina Tassler last week at the CBS upfront about the cancellation of Moonlight, a show so many fans loved passionately, and she defended the decision, saying, "Once we got back up on the air it was about the numbers and the ratings, and we were just struggling a little bit. I loved the show. I personally love the show. I love working with Alex O'Loughlin and Joel Silver, and I just think we had to make some very tough decisions. It was hard." Not half as hard as it is for the fans who went to great lengths to save this series, Nina! Just sayin'! I'm also working on getting an exit interview with one of the stars or producers for later this week, so stand by.



Lyn said...

I have to say there is something not quite ringing true about Ms Tessler's statement. Sure, we understand it is about ratings, numbers, advertising revenue... but what was so very wrong with the numbers? They weren't super high, but given this was a new show with a strike interrupted first season and that it was airing in the Friday "death slot" it really didn't do that bad. CBS won the night and the timeslot with it, at any rate. SOme of the shows that did get renewed had lower ratings on better nights.

So - Ms Tessler - what is really going on here?

Grace Whisperer said...

Yep. I agree with Lyn. Something is not quite ringing true. There's politics involved. Has to be. No one's buying it, Nina!!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Miss Tasslers comments for one second. If she really loved the show and Alex and Joel Silver, she wasn't going to treat the cast and crew like she did at the very last minute cancel the show. They gave us 4 new episode just to see if they viewers were going to come back, and we did. The ratings were good, consistent, we won every Friday nite, the demos were there. what more did she want.

Moonlight was a great show, it was enjoyed by millions of people from any age group. I don't understand the Neilson ratings and I don't want to.

All I can say is that Miss Tassler something is not kosher here..

I just hope Moonlight gets a new home. and I'm glad its not on CBS anymore. I never watched CBS in my life. It was Moonlight that got me to CBS, now no more.. Bye Bye CBS.

Francesca said...

I have just about had enough of Nina Tassler and her stupid excuses for cancelling Moonlight. I dont trust her and i cant bare to hear her name anymore...what a joke.

I wanted to ask you though i havent seen any updates on the progress of another station picking up Moonlight and also werent they supposed to tear down the sets today? Is there any positive news out there for us to grab hold of? Really feeling like our Moonlight is slipping away.

I love all the cast but i want to see them all together not apart. I am so happy for Alex to be in the new Donnie Darko movie. I watched the first one and i loved it, loved Jake Gyllenhaul in it. I have no doubt that he will do great...

Let us know of any new info...
Thank you and have a great day.

Going to watch sonata again for like the 100th time now. LOL

Sydney said...

I agree with every one of these comments. Tassler's name just brings a sense of anger and disrespect with it for me. It's sad and I really don't think she is telling us the truth. She's a joke and I wish I didn't have to say that.

The ratings were very good for the slot our show had. Not to mention all the people who watch it on YouTube and the fans in other countries! We gave so much to this show, I can't believe they didn't see it.

Also, I hate all the negativity people are giving us. Like you said, Kandye, I'm sure all of us have been very polite and considerate in our campaign. Do they really have to be kinda....rude (only word I can think of) to us? Guess that's Hollywood for ya.

Anyway, the point of my ramblings is there's something going on that isn't being told, I think . . .

Anonymous said...

the interesting this is that ghost whisperer and numb3rs have been on for several seasons, so their numbers were practically uneffected by the numbers, which is why people turned away from moonlight and then turned back to numb3rs. i gave ghost whisperer a shot because i didn't want to miss moonlight and i must say, it's really dumb, not much truth to it but that's beside the point.

the thing is that the numbers weren't fantastic compared to the other shows moonlight was teamed with because moonlight was brand spankin' new the other shows went on the strike hiatus and came back like nothing ever happened.

so i have no idea why they didn't take that into consideration, those ratings were damn good considering everything that was going against them in the first place.

Deborah said...

Since the strike, Nina Tassler has been speaking with "false tongue" about Moonlight/Alex. Hints of cancellation began when CBS did not continue to show Moonlight re-runs during the strike. But instead, "The Price was Right" was on at 8 p.m. & "Ghost Whisperer" was moved to 9 p.m. CBS hardly promoted Moonlight before it was premiered & it certainly didn't do much promoting during the 3-month hiatus nor before the 4 new shows. Why? CBS has already decided NOT to renew Moonlight.

I bet that deals were already made for those 5 new shows during the strike. The bottom line is MONEY. The producers of these 5 new shows must have put out more money for CBS to pick them up. Also, Jerry Bruckheimer is producing one of the new shows. CBS never turns down JB because he also produces CSI. In addition, I believe Moonlight was offered for mid-season, but CBS wanted Warner Bros. & Joel Silver to put out more money for our show. Unfortunately, Joel Silver lost money with his new movie, "Speed Racer" which resulted with the cancellation of Moonlight.

If Nina Tassler really loved Moonlight & Alex that much, she would and should have given our beloved show a chance to grow.

Anonymous said...

I read a couple different places that Nina Tassler stated she thought that most of the viewers were tuning in and eventually, missing Moonlight because of hunky Alex O'Loughlin, and not so much because they loved Moonlight itself.
My question: since when did ratings mongers at network TV start giving a sh*t about why people watch and not just that they watch? What a hippocrite and liar she is.