Tuesday, May 13, 2008

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As we know, Alex O'Loughlin is currently on vacation. He said he was taking the summer off ~ having turned down several film roles because of the unknown future of Moonlight. Thanks for making him miss out on other work CBS! Grrrrrrr...... Sorry, I was distracted there for a moment. It just makes me angry that the network treated our amazing cast the way they did. Anyway.... Matt Mitovich mentions Alex being on holiday in this article also. I hope Alex, Sophia, Jason, Shannyn, Brian and Eric are all surrounded by their family & friends now!

Fall TV: Moonlight Has Drawn its Last Blood

It's the news no one here wanted to report, but alas, it must be shared. CBS — which earlier today renewed to Old Christine, How I Met Your Mother and The Unit — has opted not to bring back Moonlight for a second season.

Though the vampire-detective drama boasted a fantastically passionate and wonderfully generous (they held a blood drive, people!) fan base, the buzz is that the Eye simply was not happy with Moonlight's retention of its Ghost Whisperer lead-in. At last tally, Mick & Co. were letting slip some 13 percent of Melinda's audience.

For what little it is worth, I'm on a mission to secure for fans some parting words of appreciation from the cult hit's producers. (Alas, Alex himself is currently on holiday.) — MWM


Photograph ~ Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) and Beth Turner (Sophia Myles) dancing in Moonlight's season finale, Sonata (episode #1x16)

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