Monday, May 12, 2008

More speculation about Moonlight's future

E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos and TV Guide's Michael Ausiello are also speculating about Moonlight's chances for renewal. This always happens during the upfronts. Everyone tries to guess and scoop ahead of time. It's an emotional roller coaster ride! The networks enjoy the attention the "will they or won't they" speculation brings to their shows.

It is hard to deal with, but comes with the territory unfortunately. I just can not believe that CBS would be insane enough to let go of Moonlight, its loyal & amazing fans and Alex O'Loughlin!

Today, Watch With Kristin originally reported that "Moonlight is likely to receive a pickup."

In her next report, she changed her stance.....

Moonlight: I'm Staying Firmly in Denial Until Wednesday, But...

Frik! Frak! And darn it all, too.

Don't freak out yet, but the word on Moonlight is suddenly trending negative.

My personal favorite Moonlight source just informed me of rumblings that the show was not looking good for a season-two pickup.

Sadly, Variety's Cynthia Littleton (who is a crackerjack reporter of the highest order) is saying the same thing. In particular, Cynthia reports, "CBS is high on a bunch of its drama pilots this year (no surprise there), and thus, there may not be room on the Eye's sked for more Moonlight next season."

Now, nothing is official until Wednesday, when CBS presents its 2008-09 slate to advertisers, so no need to panic yet, but I thought you guys would want to know the word on the street, for better or for worse.

Michael Ausiello has heard rumors that CBS will renew The Unit and give it Moonlight's time slot. As we've been discussing, this is all just speculation. Plus, the network could simply move Moonlight to another night too... maybe a better night.

Eli Renewed! October Road Axed! Moonlight Dead?

CBS is expected to bring The Unit back, and may slot it on Fridays at 9 pm. What does that mean for Moonlight? Good question.


Anonymous said...

*sob* WHAT? How foolish could they possibly be? Like the blood drive and CONSTANT fan attention isn't enough? If they don't pick up the show, I'm boycotting the network.

Anonymous said...

this better be a bunch of crap i gave blood so many times. this better not be true. moonlight is the best show ever

Lyn said...

Personally, I wish they would move it to their sister (cable) channel -- Showtime (they were able to move Dexter the other way, so I don't see why they couldn't do it in this direction for our show).

To be honest, I think Moonight would fare better on a cable channel and maybe if the number of viewers it has isn't enough for network, they ARE enough for a PPV. I would certainly sign up for Showtime just to see Moonlight and I bet most of us would as well.

I am a bit depressed tonight, but I will wait in hope until Wednesday.