Saturday, May 3, 2008

Music used for Moonlight's Click episode (1x14)

Play list of music used as the soundtrack to Moonlight's Click episode (#1x14). They always pick cool songs to go with the action!

Can't Stop by Maroon Five ~ opening sequence ~ playing during Mick and Tierney's hair raising car chase trying to allude the paparazzi

Smile for the Paparazzi by Cobra Starship ~ heard during the party scene on the Queen Mary

Boys & Girls by Mon Roe ~ played when Beth talks to movie producer Jason Abbott in golf cart

Into the Ocean by Blue October ~ plays as Mick and Beth talk about the hit & run murder attempt, the merits of EMO bands, as well as the sleep over arrangements ~ video above

I Know Who You Could Be by Butcher Boy ~ final scene ~ music plays during Mick & Beth's date at the Arbor Bistro restaurant, Vampire attack on paparazzo, Beth's final BuzzWire report, ADA Talbot looking at photos of Mick surviving hit & run accident


Francesca said...

I absolutely love Blue October...
He has such an amazing voice.

Their whole CD is awesome....

They used Blue October before with Beth and Josh love was called Call Me.

I am glad they are getting this exposure...

Anonymous said...

Butcher Boy song 'I know who you could be' available free on the band's myspace