Saturday, May 17, 2008

Perez Hilton posts about the CW's ratings issues too

Hollywood blogger, Perez Hilton, has a post on his site about the CW Network's ratings issues... also quoting The Wall Street Journal. We have been trying to get media outlets (magazines, web pages, tv shows) to cover the ridiculous canceling of Moonlight, and also to write about Moonlight fans fighting to save our show. So, we have been contacting People Magazine, TV Guide, Ellen Degeneres, Entertainment Weekly, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter ~ you get the idea :) All of this is important because we need to reach viewers who are not part of Moonlight's devoted online fandom.

Perez has a huge audience! Let's leave comments on his blog about how lucky the CW or any network would be to have Moonlight & its ratings. That could inform a whole new group of people about our show..... and perhaps Perez will actually do a post about saving Moonlight!

by Perez Hilton

They're gonna have to work harder next season!

According to the Wall Street Journal, the home of Gossip Girl, the CW network is tanking.

The CBS/Time Warner co-venture lost 28% of its target audience of 18 to 34 year olds so far this season.

And, its ratings during this month's "sweeps" period — the all-important measure upon which future advertising rates are set — are down about 22%.

According to an insider, if things don't turn around dramatically one of the big partners is going to walk away.

The WSJ also points out that part of CW's problem is that the demo its targeting spends a lot of its leisure time on the internet. Good for us!

And, the Writer's Strike probably hastened the departure of the demo from traditional TV to the net.

Any of you youngins have advice for the suits?


Anonymous said...

YAY for Kandye. You always have such great ideas! Thanks! The more of the public informed the better. There are viewers out there who aren't "counted" and don't look on line for news when they believe their show is safe.

Anonymous said...

Just went to Perez's site. Lots of noise about Moonlight and I added my 2cents worth too. I think he should be especially nice to the show as it had two shout out to him in episode 14!

Kandyegirl - you are doing an awesome job.


Wendy said...

Just left my comments on the site. I see ALOT of comments about Moonlight out there.

dumblonde said...

I tried to leave a comment over at Perez but I got an "error 404" page. Maybe he is not taking any more comments or the link is broken one. I will try again later.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

This is the comment I place on Perez's site:

I would assume that Gossip Girl is tanking because it's just like every other so called "reality show" out there. I wouldn't watch it. Why would I want to watch a bunch of teenies and twenties crying and whining about how horrible their lives are? I need a hero, I need some hope, and I need a character that will help me feel empowered, not helpless. I found that in the People's Choice Award Winner, and SCI-FI male award for Mick St. John (Alex)....MOONLIGHT! That's right our 7 to 8 million viewers strong are willing to follow the show to any network that picks it up. Considering that the biggest ratings winners on the CW are around 2 to 3 million. I would have to say that they would have some fresh blood visiting their network just for Moonlight and if they pair the show up with...hmmm......let's say Supernatural....they may have them 2 hot shows. In my opinion Supernatural is a pretty cool show and I'm thinking many of the people who like Moonlight would love to stick their fangs into that show, too. Trust me, Moonlight fans have put together millions of people all over the world, and millions have given blood all over our country, literally, for the show (Blood Drives with the Red Cross). Of course, there is always USA and SCI-FI. Battlestar Gallactica is in its final season....Moonlight is considered a SCI FI show as well; maybe they would enjoy some instant ratings for their network. Just a thought/suggestion.

Lyn said...

I tried twice and got no error, but my comment didn't show up... ?

Grwat write up, last anonymous.