Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ratings for Moonlight's What's Left Behind Episode (#1x15) on May 9th

In Friday's ratings race, CBS won all time slots with its lineup. That makes three weeks in a row! However, the number of total viewers is down for each show compared to last week. Moonlight just barely missed reaching the 2.0 mark in the important 18 to 49 demographic. Our show is the winner in its time period again.

Fast Nationals ~ Moonlight's ratings for last night's episode ~ What's Left Behind (#1x15) ~ on Friday, May 9th, 2008

7.68 million viewers (1st) ~ 18 to 49 demo share 1.9/6 (1st)

Nielsen ratings for the rest of CBS' Friday night shows ~

Ghost Whisperer : 8.74 million viewers (1st) ~ 18 to 49 demo 2.1/8 (1st)
Numb3rs : 9.13 million viewers (1st) ~ 18 to 49 demo 2.2/7 (1st)

I love the look Mick is giving Talbot in this photo :)

Photograph ~ Beth Turner (Sophia Myles), Mick St John (Alex O'Loughlin) & ADA Benjamin Talbot (Eric Winter) in Moonlight's What's Left Behind episode (#1x15). Click on the image above for a larger picture.


cobby said...

Kandye - can you clear up the confusion about the "boxer not briefs" scene. Some on under M00NLIGHTER'S BLOG

think the scene was CUT OUT in their part of the coutry. Here is what I posted there about that scene:

live in Pa and what exactly happened in the "boxer not brief scene"? I was watching when those words were spoken by Beth which happened right after the Talbot/Mick exchange about, "are you investigating me now" and Mick said he wore a size 10-1/2 shoe and liked the color blue, which he said was exposed by the paparazzi in last week's episode. SO IS THERE MORE TO THE SCENE, or just that?



anna van z said...

Yeah, I like that look, too - you can just imagine what Mick is thinking...

Anonymous said...

The FULL episode is on and yes, the boxers not briefs comment was on. Which I was pleased about because my rather gorgeous husband is a boxers man and I just don't think I would have looked at Mick in the same way if he'd been a briefs guy.


kookiegirl said...

I knew he was a 'boxer' type befoe this epi. You can see that in Oyster Farm when the lady ask him to drop trousers so that she could clean his wounds. My preference - Briefs...Mmmm the more to see!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I am a briefs girl, too. But I think only Holly knows for sure what he wears off-camera. The rest of us must settle for our very fertile imaginations! And let me tell you, my imagination works overtime when it comes to Alex! *sigh*