Monday, May 12, 2008

Seat42f says Moonlight may return for midseason

Seat42f is reporting rumors that even if Moonlight is not on CBS' Fall schedule, it could be a midseason show.

More speculation! Is it Wednesday yet?

Moonlight Not On Fall Schedule

Got some Moonlight intel I wanted to share with you guys. It looks like as of right now Moonlight is not on the fall schedule and is not in the plans for pickup. AS OF RIGHT NOW. It appears CBS and Warner Brothers are still trying to hammer out a deal for midseason so the show is not dead just yet. HOWEVER, An EARLY look at the CBS schedule has The Unit moving to Friday's at 9:00PM taking over Moonlight's slot. Like everything else upfront related this is all speculation at this point as CBS fine- tunes their 2008 - 2009 schedule. A lot could change over the next 24 hours. I will update you when I know more.

Stay strong Moonlight Fans!!!!


Lyn said...

Does anyone know what "midseason" means? Does it mean we would get more sooner (ie: this summer?) or that we would have to wait a whole year until next summer?

Moonlight said...

Hey Lyn ~

Midseason means a show airs in January or February, instead of starting in September for the normal Fall season.

XO ~

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Anonymous said...

If it's mid-season, I'll take it. But I can't take a cancellation. I hope Wednesday is not going to be like today. I cried so much about the bad news. It's amazing how things look so good for so long and then "bam", the rug gets pulled out from under you.

Anonymous said...

that would really suck but if it does have it come back then i guess that would be better as long as moonlight comes back.

Anonymous said...

Are there any possibilities that Moonlight may be picked by another channels or cables? I really don't know about the industory, but I know it's all about money. If CBS can't foresee the potentiality in Moonlight ( because they don't want to take a risk), I believe there are choices out there. Beside if Moonlight goes to cables we can see more of everything!!